Freeman's Karate "Unante Kenkyukai" Okinawan Karate Kempo

Our mission at Unante Kenkyukai is to provide a traditional dojo for teaching authentic Okinawan Life Protection Arts, Ryukyu Kempo. Providing the opportunity for individuals in central Illinois the resources to be able to train without having to travel far and returning to the old ways of karate. Training not only for the Martial Arts spirit but for cultivating a good character.

Mind, body and spirit.

Following is the Dojo Kun of Shigeru Nakamura. 

1. Strive for good moral character.

(Jinkaku Kansei Ni Tsutomeru Koto)

2. Keep an honest and sincere way.

(Makoto No Michi Wo Mamoru)

3. Cultivate perseverance through a will for striving.

(Doryoku No Seishin Wo Yashinau Koto)

4. Develop a respectful attitude.

(Reigi Wo Omonzuru Koto)

5. Restrain physical ability through spiritual attainment.

(Kekki No Yu Wo Imashimeru Koto)